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Are You Raising Sturdy Children?

Raising Sturdy Children? Consider This: Nowadays, it seems like it takes forever for kids to grow up. Kids are educated for decades before they can obtain a job that pays a living wage. Plenty of youngsters remain in the home until their 20s or even 30s. This “perpetual childhood” is unique to modern times in...


Transitioning from Homeschooling

Classical Christian Education and Transitioning from Homeschooling Making the transition from homeschooling to a Classical Christian school such as Northdale Christian Academy Carrollwood Florida will pose a few challenges.  Make a concerted effort to provide your little one with the necessary preparation along with ongoing support and this transition will prove easier than expected.  Below,...


Overscheduled Children

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Overscheduled Children Countless parents across the United States and beyond are beginning to realize their child is overscheduled, overstructured, and simply too busy. Sadly, we have lost sight of the fact that childhood is a time for fun, socialization, and exploration. Parents far and wide are overburdening their kids with...