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Summer Break Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

Keeping Your Kids Busy with Summer Break Activities Having the children home during summer break can be exciting yet draining. Keeping the kids busy and occupied is sometimes an impossible task. Instead of resorting to screen time, here are some summer break activities to do with your children to keep them busy and happy all...


Problem Solving at Home

How to Problem Solve at Home Problems are a fact of life.  What matters most is how your children approach problem-solving.  If your little ones get frustrated, pout, and give up when faced with problems, don’t fret.  Such reactions are perfectly normal during the formative years.  Teach your kids how to problem solve the right...


Common Struggles of Gifted Children

Gifted Children and the Difficulties They Face At first glance, it seems as though gifted children have it easy. However, the truth is gifted children have a burden to bear – the burden of being an outsider. Oftentimes, gifted children are social outcasts simply because they think differently, do not succumb to peer pressure, and...


Do You Have a Child Suffering From Anxiety?

Embrace the Challenge of Raising a Child Suffering From Anxiety Are you the parent of a child with anxiety?  If so, you should know you are not alone.  An increasing number of children are being diagnosed with anxiety.  Let’s face it: We live in anxious times.  The economy is mired in a recession, kids are...


Are You Raising Sturdy Children?

Raising Sturdy Children? Consider This: Nowadays, it seems like it takes forever for kids to grow up. Kids are educated for decades before they can obtain a job that pays a living wage. Plenty of youngsters remain in the home until their 20s or even 30s. This “perpetual childhood” is unique to modern times in...


Parents Role in the Context of Homework

What is the Parents Role with Homework? Do you remember those kids in school who got straight As yet did not seem that smart?  Chances are their parents were helping them with their homework or possibly even doing the homework on their behalf.  This raises the question of whether it is prudent – or fair...


Adjusting to a New School

Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to a New School  Children are comfortable with routine and familiarity and adjusting to a new school may not come naturally. Few kids respond well to a move to a new location and transition to a new school. When everything familiar to a child is taken away, he or...


Transitioning from Homeschooling

Classical Christian Education and Transitioning from Homeschooling Making the transition from homeschooling to a Classical Christian school such as Northdale Christian Academy Carrollwood Florida will pose a few challenges.  Make a concerted effort to provide your little one with the necessary preparation along with ongoing support and this transition will prove easier than expected.  Below,...


Online Learning Transition

Navigating Virtual Reality to Optimize Online Learning The high-tech future we envisioned as children is finally here.  Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to do just about everything from the comfort of home.  From watching the latest movie releases to ordering groceries, interacting with friends/family in remote locations and attending online classes,...