Transitioning from Homeschooling


Classical Christian Education and Transitioning from Homeschooling

Making the transition from homeschooling to a Classical Christian school such as Northdale Christian Academy Carrollwood Florida will pose a few challenges.  Make a concerted effort to provide your little one with the necessary preparation along with ongoing support and this transition will prove easier than expected.  Below, we provide some tips that will facilitate a seamless shift from the homeschool environment to a Christian learning environment.

Learning and Demonstrating Knowledge with Efficiency

A large part of the challenge of segueing/transitioning from homeschooling environment to a more traditional learning environment is mastering concepts and demonstrating such mastery in a timely manner.  Most homeschool students are provided with ample time to learn subject matter and take tests.

In comparison, more conventional learning environments have strict time limits for testing.  This means it is not enough to merely master the subject matter.  The mastery of the material must be demonstrated on tests within the same time limits other students are subjected to.  This approach to testing is logical as performance in one’s professional role in the “real world” is also time sensitive.

Embrace the Challenge of Adapting to Formal Routines

Christian schools and other traditional schools have specific routines that students and teachers go through on a daily basis.  In other words, conventional learning environments are typically more structured than homeschool environments.  This means your child will have to familiarize him or herself with the rules of the school in addition to social norms.  You can help your little one make this transition by replicating the Christian learning environment at home in the days and weeks leading up to the transition.  It will help to practice the following:

  • Maintaining a focus on his or her own work
  • Raising his/her hand to ask a question
  • Completing exams without help
  • Finishing tests within a specific allotment of time

Prepare Your Child for Socialization

Parents who homeschool their kids interact with your youngsters at a high frequency.  However, interactions with you, your significant other and possibly a sibling or two will not fully prepare your child for learning in a Christian school.  Seize the opportunity to introduce your child to the boys and girls on your street.  If there are few or no youngsters in your neighborhood, enroll your child in a sport or other social group to ramp up his or her social interactions.  This way, your little bundle of joy will be more comfortable making new friends and learning in the presence of others at a Christian school.

Recognize the Variations in Subject Matter

Homeschool academic programs are not exactly the same as those offered at Classical Christian education institutions.  As an example, you might not provide religious instruction or teach catechism lessons at home.  However, these subjects are commonly taught at Classical Christian schools.  Let your child know ahead of time that such subjects will be taught.  Furthermore, it will help to introduce your little one to the basics of these subjects to lay the groundwork for successful learning.

Do not let Temporary Hurdles Impede Your Child’s Academic Success

Every parent and student making the transition from a homeschooling environment should understand at the outset of this process that there will be some impediments.  However, these setbacks are merely temporary.  Make it perfectly clear to your son or daughter that some challenges will arise during the transition from homeschooling to learning at a Classical Christian school. 

If your child has the will to learn, he or she will enjoy ample opportunity to expand his/her intellectual horizons while enrolled in a Classical Christian Educational program.  Maintain a focus when transitioning from homeschooling on the benefits of a long-term Christian learning experience and the minor problems that inevitably arise amidst the transition from homeschooling won’t deter your child from advancing his or her education.