Pastor Matthew Guse


Pastor Matthew Guse joined the staff at Northdale Lutheran Church & Christian Academy in 2021. He also serves as the 7th-8th grade Catechism teacher, and Campus Pastor.

Biographical: Pastor Guse was born in Milwaukee, WI during his father’s final year at the seminary. He grew up in Columbia, SC and Marietta, GA where his father served as pastor for many years. Pastor Guse is married to Elizabeth (Liz) Guse from Fountain City, WI. They have 3 sons: Ethan, Brice, and Ben. Pastor and Liz are always excited to see what the years bring as the Lord continues to bless the ministry among us. We also look forward to the sun, warmth, and the blessings of our gracious Lord.

Previous Educational/Professional Experiences:

  • Pastor at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (new mission start up) in Las Vegas, NV from 1998-2012
  • School and Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from 2012-2021

Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelor of the Arts (Northwestern College Class of 1994)
  • Master of Divinity (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Class of 1998)